Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PHILOSOPHY'S OTHER Listed at #8 on "50 Philosophy Blogs to Help You Find the Meaning of Life."

Thanks to institutions such as school, the public library, houses of religious worship, and the internet, everyone has a portal to exploring all the ideologies that have molded the world and its peoples into what they are today. The following blogs, listed in no particular order, serve as an admittedly barebones guide to some of what floats about in academic and hobbyist circles. They were chosen for not only their content and legibility, but frequency of updates as well. Use them and their contemporaries as a stepping stone to opening up the mind to new ideas and possibilities. . . .

To borrow a phrase from Eugene Hütz, Philosophy’s Other could very well be considered the “super theory for supereverything.” It covers mankind’s perceptions of tops as diverse as architecture, psychology, and rhetoric in addition to discussing journal publications and conferences.

Access the list here: http://onlinechristiancolleges.net/50-philosophy-blogs-to-help-you-find-the-meaning-of-life/.

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