Monday, May 18, 2009

Third International & Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies, Hawke Research Institute, University of South Australia, April 5-7, 2010.

Invited Speakers include: Professor Sara Ahmed (Goldsmiths College, University of London) Professor Pal Ahluwalia (University of South Australia) Professor Michael Dutton (Griffith University & Goldsmiths College) Professor Sophie Watson (Open University) Professor Stephanie Hemelry Donald (University of Sydney) We invite papers that interrogate emotion, society and space from diverse disciplinary and multidisciplinary backgrounds. We are interested in specific case studies as well as theoretical examinations of the nature of connections among these terms. The conference will be an exciting place to think about new ways of studying the natures, cultures and histories of emotional life. We welcome individual papers as well as panel proposals. We are happy to receive papers that engage in experimental as well as traditional formats. Possible topics include: • Embodiment and emotions; • Dynamics of affect; • Affective attachment and the other-than-human • Emotional labour and management; • Affective spaces and the transnational; • Migration, postcolonialism and emotions; • Indigenous knowledges and emotion; • Emotional architectures and landscapes of emotion; • Affect, sense, sensation; • Emotional publics and passionate politics; • Semiotics and poetics of affect/emotion; • Theories of affect, emotions, feelings; • Affect and tourism; • Queer spaces of affect; • Emotion and political reform. One special theme of the conference is Consuming and Producing Affective Spaces of Taste. Focusing on the relations of production and consumption we want to examine how spaces of tastes are being refigured within the cultural economics of transglobalisation. We are especially interested in specific studies of the changing geographies of food, tourism, and other material commodities, as well as more general theoretical investigations of the connections between production, consumption, emotions and space. The conference organizers welcome proposals for further special themes. Abstracts of 300 words to be sent to by July 17 2009.

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