Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cfp: "Cultural Translation," Cardiff University, December 11, 2009.

Etymologically, the word translation is linked, among other things, to “tradition” on the one hand and to “betrayal” on the other. . . . And yet the word tradition itself, linked in its roots to translation and betrayal, has to do with handing over. Tradition itself is nothing if it is not a transmission. How is tradition to be transmitted, to be passed on, if not through translation? (Rey Chow) The process of “cultural translation” is inevitably enmeshed in conditions of power – professional, national, international. . . . Given that that is so, the interesting question for enquiry is . . . how power enters into the process of “cultural translation” (Talal Asad) For this free interdisciplinary conference, we invite proposals on problematics of: Intercultural encounters Translation between cultures Postcolonialism and the politics of translation Diaspora, migration, mobility and cultural practices Ethnicity, language, representation and cultural identity Theories and practices of cultural translation Tradition, transmission, translation and problems of origins Re-examining the assumptions of translation Questions of technology, mediation and the voice Ethical and political problems in academic methodologies Proposals: 400-word proposals for 20-minute papers. Deadline: 1st September 2009 Further information may be found here: or email:

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