Monday, June 09, 2008

PUB: INFORMAL LOGIC 28.2 (2008).

Informal Logic is a peer reviewed journal publishing articles and reviews on topics related to reasoning and argumentation in theory and practice. It is deliberately multi-disciplinary, welcoming theoretical and empirical research from any pertinent field, including, but not restricted to, philosophy, rhetoric, communication, linguistics, psychology, artificial intelligence, education, law. The Contents include the following essays:
  • "Investigating the Shared Background Required for Argument: a Critique of Fogelin’s Thesis on Deep Disagreement" (Abstract PDF) by Dana Phillips 86-101;
  • "Dialectical Relevance and Dialogical Context in Walton’s Pragmatic Theory" (Abstract PDF) by Fabrizio Macagno 102-128;
  • "Arguing from Definition to Verbal Classification: The Case of Redefining 'Planet' to Exclude Pluto" (Abstract PDF) by Douglas Walton 129-154;
  • "Tu Quoque Arguments and the Significance of Hypocrisy" (Abstract PDF) by Scott F. Aikin 155-169.
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