Monday, November 05, 2007

CFP: "Truth and Falsity: on Hegel's Systematic Thought," Department of Philosophy, Warwick University, May 29-30, 2008.

Speculative systematic philosophy is known for making a bold claim for an absolute knowledge of what there is in truth. Notoriously, however, philosophers working in the tradition of European philosophy still disagree as to the nature of this claim: Does Hegel mean that philosophy can produce a corpus of indisputable knowledge which exemplifies aspects of things, states-of-affairs or events as they are in themselves? What domain of objects or aspects of the real would this knowledge cover? What would be the ontological, epistemological or logical status of those objects or aspects of objects that are left outside of such knowledge? Even the dynamic and developmental structure of the speculative system seems to imply that a notion of absolute falsity must be operative in it, as Michael Theunissen (Sein und Schein) has already pointed out. The Warwick Hegel Conference 2008 aims to clarify and hopefully provide specific solutions to these questions and problems. . . . Further details are here:

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