Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Banchetti-Robino, Marina Paola, and Clevis Headley, eds. SHIFTING THE GEOGRAPHY OF REASON: GENDER, SCIENCE AND RELIGION. Cambridge Scholars, 2007.

Shifting the Geography of Reason: Gender, Science and Religion EDITED BY MARINA PAOLA BANCHETTI-ROBINO AND CLEVIS RONALD HEADLEY. 1-84718-078-7, 220 x 150 (mm), 280pp, Hardback, UK: £39.99, US: $79.99 “Shifting the Geography of Reason constitutes an event. The contributions within this text boldly and effectively confront epistemic orders that were/are predicated upon the presumptive Occidental circumscription of reason and intelligibility. This text thus challenges the misanthropic effrontery of the west to territorialize the very meaning of the ‘human.’ Through a collection of critically reflective contributions that capture the geo-spatial historicity, complexity, and diversity of Caribbean knowledge-production, from the epistemic, phenomenological, and the scientific to the aesthetic, poetic, and semiotic, this text forces a shift away from reason as totalizing to reason as possibility, as emancipatory and inclusive.” George Yancy, Duquesne University “Here stands the first of a series of important collective statements on the proverbial problem of reason that once fled those spaces in which the person of color reached for a meeting. What other resources are left for those of us who rely on ideas in a world that offers few options short of violence or, worse, apathy but to transcend the struggle for recognition into the sphere of building new intellectual homes? One must read this courageous celebration of thinking and of asserting the value of intelligence.” Lewis R. Gordon, President of the Caribbean Philosophical Association and Laura H. Carnell Professor of Philosophy at Temple University and Ongoing Visiting Professor at the University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica MARINA PAOLA BANCHETTI-ROBINO is Associate Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Florida Atlantic University. Her areas of research include phenomenology, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, and zoosemiotics. CLEVIS RONALD HEADLEY is currently Associate Professor of Philosophy at Florida Atlantic University, director of the Ethnic Studies Certificate Program, as well as director of the Master’s in Liberal Studies. Professionally, he serves as the Vice-President and Treasurer of the Caribbean Philosophical Association.

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