Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Michael Polanyi and the Current Situation, Gummersbach, Germany, July 28-31, 2011.


Thurs 28th
Afternoon: Assemble
19.30 Wecome and Session 1: ‘An outline of Polanyi`s work in politics and economics’, Dr Richard Allen

Friday 29th
09.00 Session 2: ‘Freedom’ (1): 'Polanyi and liberty: the Hungarian background’, Prof. Dr Endre Nagy, Semmelweis University, Budapest
11.00 Session 3: 'Freedom’ (2): 'Polanyi and public liberty’, Prof. Dr Mullins, Missouri Western State University
14:00 Session 4: 'The organisation of science in Polanyi`s day and now’, Dr Klaus-Ulbricht Neumann, Loughborough University
16.00 Session 5: ‘Polanyi on general and specific authority in science and society’, Dr Simon Smith, Kingston College, London
19.30 Session 6: ‘The from-to structure of political and economic thinking’, Prof. Dr Richard Moodey, Gannon University, Erie, PA.

Saturday 30th
9.00 Session 7: 'Moral inversion’ (1): Its political aspects’, Viktor Genk, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
11.00 Session 8: Session 8: 'Moral inversion (2): Its social aspects’, Prof. Tihamér Margitay, Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
16.00 Session 9: ‘Polanyi and the sociology of economic life’, Dr Richard Moodey
19.30 Session 10: ’30 years working with Polanyi', Prof. Dr Klaus R. Allerbeck, Frankfurt University.

Sunday 31st
9.00 Session 10: ‘Some cultural and economic boundary conditions of politics’, Dr Richard Allen
11.00 Session 11: General discussion with panel of all the speakers.
12.30 Closure and Departure


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