Friday, July 22, 2011

Cfp: Alessandro Bertinetto and Alberto Martinengo, eds. "Rethinking Creativity," TROPOS: JOURNAL OF HERMENEUTICS AND PHILOSOPHICAL CRITICISM (forthcoming, December 2011).

Tropos invites submission of papers on topics related to creativity, from arts to philosophy.

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The idea that art is (the result of) a process of creation is a modern one. Through a complex history, which is not without contradictions, in the 20th Century its connection to art was debated in different fields, from psychology to epistemology, from cognitive science to hermeneutics. Tropos aims at discussing this complex relationship with a monographical issue, that will be published in December 2011.

Philosophical papers are welcome that investigate:
- The deep transformations of creativity during Modernity;
- The normative significance of creativity;
- Its performative dimension;
- Its connection with action and/or understanding.

Papers may offer: methodological researches; historical-philosophical reconstructions; investigations in aesthetics and art theory; theoretical arguments.

Articles should not exceed 6,500 words and will be submitted to a blind refereering process.

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