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"Selfhood, Authenticity and Method in Heidegger’s BEING AND TIME: Four Seminars," February - November, 2011.

Although Heidegger’s Being and Time is often cited as one of the most important philosophical works of the last century, its second division has largely been ignored, especially by commentators from the analytic tradition. But an increasing appreciation of the philosophical and theological influences that shape Heidegger’s thought has led to a re-examination of this difficult second division and the suspicion is growing that there is something of real philosophical substance in its concerns; in particular, its discussion of ‘authenticity’ is coming to be seen as having significant implications for how we ought to understand, for example, intentionality and autonomy. In 2011, the Universities of Southampton, Oxford and Essex will host a series of seminars which will extend these fascinating in-roads that are beginning to be made into the difficult hinterland of Heidegger’s magnum opus.

9th February 2011
Christ Church, Oxford University

Taylor Carman (Barnard, Columbia), ‘Heidegger on the Necessity and Finality of Death’
Daniel Dahlstrom (Boston), ‘Authenticity and the Absence of Death’
Denis McManus (Southampton), 'Being-towards-death and One’s Own Best Judgment'

23rd March 2011
University of Southampton

Steven Galt Crowell (Rice), ‘Being Answerable: Reason-Giving as Authentic Discourse’
Stephen Mulhall (Oxford), ‘Nothingness and Phenomenology: Heidegger and Sartre’
Peter Poellner (Warwick), ‘Sartre and Heidegger on Authenticity and Intersubjectivity’

18th May 2011
University of Southampton

Hubert Dreyfus (Berkeley), ‘Authenticity and the Phenomenology of Action’
Béatrice Han-Pile (Essex), ‘Heidegger on Freedom in Being and Time’
Charles Guignon (South Florida), ‘Authenticity, Phenomenology, and the Question of Being’

16th November 2011
University of Essex

Clare Carlisle (Liverpool), ‘Repetitions: Kierkegaard, Heidegger and the Question of Being’
George Pattison (Oxford), ‘Guilt, Death and Nothingness in Luther, Kierkegaard and Being and Time’
Mark Wrathall (California, Riverside), ‘Demanding Authenticity of Ourselves’

Organisers: Denis McManus, George Pattison, amd Béatrice Han-Pile
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