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"Psychologism, Psychologising and De-Psychologisation" by ÁNGEL GORDO & JAN DE VOS

Part I: Disciplinary, legal and sociocultural overflow: from psycho-logism to psychologisation

"Psychologised life and thought styles" by FERNANDO ÁLVAREZ-URÍA, JULIA VARELA, ÁNGEL GORDO & PILAR PARRA
"Psychologisation processes viewed from the perspective of the regulation of healthcare professions in Spain" by ROBERTO RODRÍGUEZ
"The psychologisation of work: the deregulation of work and the government of will" by EDUARDO CRESPO & AMPARO SERRANO
"Psychologisation and the construction of the political subject as vulnerable object" by KEN MCLAUGHLIN
"Beyond psychologisation: individual and collective naturalising stigmatisations" by RAFAEL GONZÁLEZ
"From the bodhi tree, to the analyst‘s couch, then into the MRI scanner: the psychologisation of Buddhism" by ELLIOT COHEN

Part II: De-psychologising policies/politics

"The rational of an emotional society: a Cartesian reflection" by MARC DE KESEL
"‘Sincerely Yours’‘ – ‘What do you mean?’ Psychologisation as symptom to be taken seriously" by FRANK VAN DE VEIRE
"Je Te mathème!: Badiou‘s de-psychologisation of love" by CARLOS GUILLERMO GÓMEZ CAMARENA
"The disappearance of psychologisation?" by OLE JACOB MADSEN & SVEND BRINKMANN
"Beyond Psychologisation: the Non-Psychology of the Flemish Novelist Louis Paul Boon" by JAN DE VOS
"Rebel Pathologies: from Politics to Psychologisation…and back" by MIHALIS MENTINIS

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