Monday, November 08, 2010

Pub: K.B. JOURNAL 7.1 (2010).

Essays in this issue include:
  • Charles Blair, "Breakfast with Two Kenneths: Kenneth Burke and Kenneth Fearing"
  • Zac Gershberg, "Existentialist Literature in the Burkean Parlor: Exploring the Contingencies and Tensions of Symbolic Action"
  • John M. McKenzie, "Reading Resistance to Kenneth Burke: 'Burke the Usurper' and Other Themes"
  • C. Wesley Buerkle, "Cynics, Hypocrites, and Nasty Boys: Senator Larry Craig and Gay Rights Caught in the Grotesque Frame"
  • Brett Biebel, "Standing Up for Comedy: Kenneth Burke and The Office"
  • Nick Bowman and Jeremy Groskopf, "Appalachia: Where the Squids hate the Chalkies."
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