Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Schopenhauer: What is Moving the World," University of Frankfurt, September 22-24, 2010.

Arthur Schopenhauer’s philosophy is received all over the world and also beyond the limits of philosophical inquiry. With its incorporation of elements of Buddhist and Hindu thought it proves to be open-minded in respect to foreign culture and mentality. On the other hand it shows great respect for the results of sciences and for the relevance of Religion for morality. With aspects of interculturality, interdisciplinarity and modernity of Schopenhauer’s philosophy the program of the congress is divided in ten sessions: ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, science, hermeneutics, psychology, Asiatic philosophies, religion, mysticism, and reception. In addition there will be a workshop on editions and translations of the works of Schopenhauer. Congress languages are German, English and French.

For more information contact the Schopenhauer-Gesellschaft e.V. (http://www.schopenhauer.de/) or the Schopenhauer Research Center (http://www.schopenhauer.philosophie.uni-mainz.de/).

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