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Scholars generally know – but very rarely work on – Ferdinand de Saussure essentially as a linguist and author of the Course in General Linguistics, a book widespread in XXth century, but empty of any significance for actual research. In fact, he is considered as a subject for handbooks of History of
Linguistics, not at all as a reference for actual debate in philosophy of language. Nonetheless, this issue of RIFL will present Saussure as a philosopher of language. Namely, we are interested in the relation between language faculty (biologically rooted) and languages/les langues (as the fundamental, but not the only, semiological objects), and in how this relation determines human nature. This perspective on Saussure as a philosopher (of language) is not shared by many historians of linguistics (who think that Saussure’s legacy is once and for all circumscribed), neither by mainstream philosophers of language (who would deny to Saussure every relevance for their studies). We think they all are mistaken.

The aim of this issue of RIFL is that of testing the impact of a Saussurean approach on the main themes of contemporary philosophy of language, as:

• relation between language and mind, language and cognition, language and emotions and language and body
• language(s) acquisition
• social and institutional nature of language
• relation between language and other definitional characters of human being

The manuscripts should have a theoretical rather than an experimental focus. Papers from the following areas are accepted: philosophy of language, semiotics, history of philosophy, anthropology, sociology and social sciences, psychology, neuroscience. Submissions may be in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian. All submissions must be prepared for blind review. The author's name, the institutional affiliation and the title’s paper must be placed in a separate file. Papers must be sent as Microsoft Word file (.doc or .rtf) to: segreteria.rifl@gmail.com.

Instructions for Authors:

Max length: 40000 characters (including spaces) for articles (included bibliography); 20000 characters (including spaces) for interviews; 10000 characters (including spaces) for reviews.

Deadline submission: 15th October 2010

Notification of acceptance: 15th November 2010

Final version due: 9th December 2010

Issue publication: December 2010

For further information: http://www.rifl.unical.it/; info.rifl@unical.it.

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