Friday, April 23, 2010

"'Become who you are': Kierkegaard, Literature, and the Philosophy of Religion," University of Essex, May 15, 2010.

13th International Graduate Conference in Philosophy in honour of Mike Weston, Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, University of Essex. [T]here can be no general issue of the significance of life which must be resolved in order to give the guidelines for the individual’s life. To raise the question of life’s significance is always something done by an individual. There is no ‘truth’ here apart from its being lived by individuals: to say a certain view of life is ‘true’ is to adopt it, see one’s life in its terms, whether to try to live it or feel guilt at one’s failure to do so. It is to take it as the measure for one’s life.’ (Mike Weston, Philosophy, Literature, and the Human Good) Keynote Speakers: Stephen Mulhall (Oxford) Michael McGhee (Liverpool) Further information may be found here:

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