Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cfp: "Hegel: Contemporary Readings / Lecturas Contemporáneas," University of Navarra, May 5-7, 2010.

This year the traditional Philosophical Meetings (Reuniones Filosóficas), organized by the Department of Philosophy of the University of Navarra, will be dedicated to the study of philosophical topics treated by Hegel which have relevance in contemporary philosophy. The main purpose of the Congress is not the interpretation of Hegelian thought, but to consider the presence of his philosophy in the current day. The Meetings are an invitation to read Hegel from a contemporary point of view. The depth and originality of this philosopher fascinates each generation, and we all find in his philosophy a perpetual challenge for our own thought. Hegel still has great influence in metaphysics, political philosophy, aesthetics and ethics. To read Hegel is to bring back to life the classical topics of the history of thought. Confirmed Speakers: Bernard Bourgeois (University of Paris-Sorbone) Günther Pöltner (Univesity of Wien) Juan Cruz (University of Navarra) Jacinto Rivera de Rosales (UNED. Madrid) Henning Ottmann (University of München) Ignacio Falgueras (University of Malaga) Grazia Tagliavia (University of Palermo) Rafael Alvira (University of Navarra) Montserrat Herrero (University of Navarra) Admissible languages: Spanish, English, German or Italian. Paper submission to the Organizing Committee: Please send an abstract (600-800 words) before 12^th April to (MS Word or RTF) or to You will receive an answer regarding the admission of the paper in 10-15 days. If your paper proposal is accepted, a complete version paper must be sent to (MS Word or RTF) by 3rd May. Length: 3000 words.

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