Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Culture and Justice in the Contemporary World," International Society for African Philosophy and Studies, University of Ghana, March 17-19, 2010.

16th Annual Conference. This conference examines the validity of international standards in our multicultural and diverse world. Is justice possible in a world where there are diverse standards, cultures, values and other socio-cultural norms? All over the world, the policies and practices that affect legal interpretation, governance, international peace and security, economic rights, religion, education, health (and all other domains of human activity and interaction) are significantly influenced by how people perceive, interpret and apply their own values, cultures and customs. The questions can therefore be asked: can international and worldwide standards be improved through the interrogation of different cultural points of view? Is justice ever objective, or is it always relative to particular cultures? Can the prevailing notions of rightness and fairness be improved by the input of specific African and Africana cultural perspectives? The 16th Annual ISAPS conference will deliberate the many issues of cultural difference, diversity and convergence that define the human family, under the pressures of today’s rapidly changing world. We welcome theoretical, empirical, comparative and other submissions concerning the effects of culture on justice, fairness and action in any sub-field of the humanities, social sciences, management, and the natural sciences. The 16th annual conference of ISAPS is organised in collaboration with the University of Ghana’s Philosophy Department and its Faculty of Law. We invite papers that explore questions covered by the following sub-themes (and any other relevant issues and concerns): Distributive justice & economic rights Conflict resolution & reconciliation Class, caste, children’s rights and gender Health care rights Geography and imperialism Corporate responsibility Environmental ethics Education for change Pan Africanism, nationalism & liberation Rethinking African history Consensus politics Cyber crime Education and emancipation Human rights & culture Global trade and the world economic order Islam and Sharia law Multiculturalism and justice Science & knowledge Indigenous African politics & juridical systems Information technology in African domains Further information is available here:

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