Monday, September 22, 2008

Westmaas, Nigel. "Walter Rodney: ‘Groundings’ and the Jamaica Ban Forty Years On." STABROEK NEWS September 21, 2008.

It was forty years ago this October that Walter Rodney was banned from Jamaica and set off disturbances that came to be known as the “Walter Rodney riots.”When Rodney left to take up a scholarship in the University College of the West Indies in Jamaica in 1966 signs of his later scholarly activism or ‘groundings’ were already prevalent and were being recorded according to declassified intelligence. The Jamaican security reports gave priority to Rodney’s activities from as early as his student days at Mona campus, between 1961-63. A partial trigger of security interest was Rodney’s several visits to Cuba and the Soviet Union in the same period. . . . Read the rest here: (Thanks to Mark McWatt for the link.)

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