Sunday, March 30, 2008

PUB: "Jargon." WORLD PICTURE 1 (2008).

Table of Contents: Peggy Ahwesh 73 Suspect Words Jonathan Beller Imperial Jive (A One-Act Theoretical Essay) Richard Cante Giving an Account of One's Jargon Scott Durham On the Authenticity of Jargon: From Barthes and Adorno to Godard Hugh S. Manon The Jouissance of Jargon Brian Price Writing at the Limits of Reason John David Rhodes Talking Ugly Keston Sutherland Marx in Jargon Meghan Sutherland The Word for a Thousand Pictures Martin Wallen Iambic Phalloi in Pinque, or, The Jargon of Idiots versus the Idiom of Ruritania Brian Price and Meghan Sutherland On Debord, Then and Now: An Interview with Oliver Assayas Brian Price and Meghan Sutherland The Art of Impurity: An Interview with Emmanuel Bourdieu Visit the journal website here:

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