Monday, March 10, 2008

DERRIDA TODAY (Edinburgh University Press)

Derrida Today will focus on what Derrida's thought offers to contemporary debates about politics, society and global affairs. Controversies about power, violence, identity, globalisation, the resurgence of religion, economics and the role of critique all agitate public policy, media dialogue and academic debate. Derrida Today will explore how Derridean thought and deconstruction make significant contributions to this debate, and reconsider the terms on which it takes place. Derrida Today is now inviting papers that deal with the ongoing relevance of Derrida's work and deconstruction in general to contemporary issues; the way it reconfigures the academic and social protocols and languages by which such issues are defined and discussed, and innovative artistic practices that adopt a "deconstructive" approach to how our contemporary situation can be represented. Published: March & November ISSN: 1754-8500 E-ISSN: 1754-8519 Further information is here:

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