Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Deckard, Michael Funk. "Review of Costica Bradatan's THE OTHER BISHOP BERKELEY." METAPSYCHOLOGY ONLINE REVIEWS September 11, 2007

Costica Bradatan . . . avoids . . . contemporary readings of Berkeley. He scarcely mentions Locke or Hume and does not even go so far as to enter any of the contemporary analytical debates regarding Berkeley's thought. In fact, the Berkeley one reads of in Bradatan's book is so other that one scarcely recognizes him: Berkeley the Platonist, Berkeley the modest, Berkeley the alchemist, Berkeley the Utopian. Yet this is certainly a fascinating if not obscure Berkeley. Bradatan claims that, in his book, he wishes "to do justice to the historical truth, as far as this is possible, by pointing to the existence of another Berkeley, as it were, one in general unaccounted for in the mainstream analytic scholarship" (3). The question then that really comes to the fore here is whether Bradatan's way of seeing Berkeley is the real Berkeley. . . . Read more here: http://metapsychology.mentalhelp.net/poc/view_doc.php?type=book&id=3813

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