Friday, October 05, 2007

Acampora, Christa Davis. "The End of Nietzsche Studies." DANSK NIETZSCHE FORUM 1 (2006)

The purpose of this polemic is to trace the trajectory of Nietzsche studies in the postwar United States. I shall give a pseudo-Hegelian account of this history, since I shall describe the development in terms of monumental shifts in opposing directions, ultimately ending when these differences are aufgehoben—synthesized, canceled, overcome. I see this end to Nietzsche studies as inevitable, and only hope to hasten its arrival, since I shall argue that the forces accounting for this development have been exhausted. Nietzsche studies will churn on, no doubt, but the core concerns that have been driving its growth have reached their logical conclusion. The end of Nietzsche studies has far-reaching consequences. The synthesis I anticipate promises to bridge an increasingly growing gap in the Nietzsche literature and philosophical studies generally between those who consider philosophy to consist in the analysis of very specific problems or puzzles (and either solving or dissolving them) and those who consider philosophy to consist in identifying and vivifying the grandest, most intractable, but most significant problems that human beings can ask. The end of this history suggests some ways of combining the approaches of those driven to naturalize philosophy in every way possible with those who are inclined to see philosophy as in some respects like literature or art. . . . The rest may be found here:

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