Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cfp: "Is Logic Universal?" LOGICA UNIVERSALIS (forthcoming).

There will be a special issue of the journal logica universalis dedicated to the question 'Is logic universal?' Many questions are connected to this issue: 1. Do all human beings have the same capicity of reasoning? Does a man, a woman, a child, a papuan, a yuppie, reason in the same way? 2. Does reasoning evolve? Did human beings reason in the same way two centuries ago? In the future will human beings reason in the same way? Did computers change our way to reason? Is a mathematical proof independent of time and culture ? 3. Do we reason in different ways depending on the situation? Do we use the same logic for everyday life, physics, economy? 4. Do the different systems of logic reflect the diversity of reasonings? 5. Is there any absolute true way of reasoning ? Any contibutions dedicated to one aspects of the question "Is logic universal?" is welcome. Submit your paper to before August 31st 2009. Visit the journal's homepage here:

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