Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Philosophy and/as Literature," King’s College London, May 5-6, 2009.

Tuesday 5th May 9.30-10.00 coffee 10-10.50 Josh Billings (Oxford): ‘The Idea of Hamlet’ 10.50-11.45 Niklas Forsberg (Uppsala): ‘Running Out of Arguments: On Iris Murdoch "Resorting" to Literature’ 12-12.50 Craig Taylor (Flinders): ‘Literature, Value and Ambiguity’ 1.30-2.20 Joanne Waugh (South Florida/Tampa): ‘Philosophia, Poiesis and Paideia: the Republic Revisited’ 2.25-3.15 Nora Hämäläinen (Helsinki): ‘Literature, Moral Realism and Rorty’ 3.30-4.20 Íngrid Vendrell Ferran (Geneva): ‘Unamuno’s Philosophy of Tragic Passions’ 4.25-5.15 Sophie Djigo (Amiens): ‘Satire and Moral Perfectionism in Musil’s Novel’ Wednesday 6th May 10-10.50 Abigail Bright (Oxford/London): ‘What would be the significance of identifying features of reasoning intrinsic to philosophy but not to philosophical literature?’ 10.50-11.45 Manolis Simos (Cambridge): ‘Remarks on the Concept of a Literary Philosophy’ 12-12.50 Julia Peters (Berlin) ‘Self-Knowledge, Teleology and Involuntary Memory: On a Hegelian Element in Proust’s Recherche’ 1.30-2.20: Torsten Pettersson (Uppsala): ‘The Decay of Dying: Questioning the Detective Novel from the Viewpoint of Moral Philosophy; 2.25-3.15: Mikel Burley (Leeds): ‘Philosophizing Through Grief: C. S. Lewis’s A Grief Observed (With Several Allusions to Wittgenstein)’ 3.30-4.20 Stefano Marino (Bologna): ‘Theodor W. Adorno: Philosophy as More Than Just a Kind of Writing’ 4.25-5.15 María José Alcaraz León (Murcia): ‘Responding to Fiction as a Form of Self-Knowledge’ Further information is available from:

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